HamzeHamze Bytyci   –   RomaTrial, artistic development and Ensemble

Born in Prizren/Kosovo, living and working in Berlin. He graduated from the Freiburg drama school Im E-Werk in 2005. After one year working for Theater 58 in Zurich he moved to Berlin, where he performs and directs at Ballhaus Naunynstraße, Maxim Gorki Theatre and other small theatres.
Furthermore, through his association RomaTrial he initiates interdisciplinary projects with youth and adults, manages the online radio channel Radio Corel and organises international filming summer schools labeled Balkan Onions. In 2012, he developed his own interactive performance style with the Hilton-Zimmer 437 , focusing on social and political issues. Since 2014 he is studying documentary film at the self-organised film school filmArche Berlin.


Liou de Nisse   –   Ensemble

Born in Berlin, where he lives today. He has German as well as Roma roots. He attends the German-Scandinavian School, learns to play piano and drums. He gained his first acting experience in the theater play “Darth Vader, the horse and the grandmother” in Eberswalde in 2014, in 2015 he played in the school performance “Jul po jul”. Since September 2016 he is part of a children’s theater group in Berlin.


Mihaela Drăgan   –   Ensemble

Roma actress and playwright who lives and works in Bucharest. Her performances focus on the connection between theatre, Roma identity and social justice. In 2014, she founded Giuvlipen Theatre Company, together with other Roma actresses. She studied acting and Romani language and collaborated over the years with Logos Theatre and Theatre for Few in projects that focused on expressionism, eurythmics and acrobatics.
Giuvlipen’s performances have a feminist agenda and are speaking about Roma women: Del Duma: Tell Them About Me (four real stories of Roma women facing early marriage), Sara Kali: The Dark Madonna (invocation of the Roma saint Sara Kali against anti-gypsyist hate speech), Razzing (about evictions of Roma people in Bucharest, written and performed together with evicted Roma women), Gadjo Dildo (about the hypersexualization of Roma women by non-Roma men, heteronormativity and sexuality issues in Roma communities) and Iovan (about traditional Roma families, arranged marriages and the desire of young Roma women).

KristofKristóf Horváth   –   Ensemble

Born in Budapest, where he lives and works. As a theatre and film actor he has been working in theatre for 15 years (Barka, Merlin and Karavan) and played e.g. in 1 hét (awarded best hungarian short film by student jury, 2004), Sturmland (shown at the Berlinale in 2014) and Gyengébb napok (awarded best short film in Hungary, 2008).
Moreover, he is two times National Poetry Slam Championship winner, founder of the Knowledge is Power group, a countrywide talent education system, and leads drama courses for kids.

Slaviša Markovic   –   Ensemble

Born and raised in Paracin, Serbia, he started to attend the national drama academy in Belgrade in 1993. Living in Berlin since 1998, he has been working for different Roma and refugee projects. In 2006, he founded the Rroma Aether Klub Theater, a mix of a café and theatre place in Neukölln, Berlin, with his brother.
Playwright, director and actor at the same time.

BrankoBranislav Mitrović   –   Ensemble

Living and working in Belgrad. After completing an education as traffic technician, he focused on education as well as on empowerment work with children and youth. He combines both activities as an actor in the forum theatre, a form of theatre of the oppressed developed by Augusto Boal. From January till December 2014 he played in the forum theatre play Porodicno nasilje kod Roma (Home Violence at Roma people), which was presented in ten cities. From May 2014 to May 2015 he played in Nevidljivi (The Unvisible), which was shown in 16 cities. Both plays were shown to the majority society as well as in different Roma communities. Besides the theatre, Branislav works as pedagogic assistant since 2009.

M & M Együttes   –   Music

The members of the Hungarian band M&M are brothers and sisters from the families of Mata and Musa, who live in a small settlement in the north of Hungary. The band was established in 2011, but they were already playing and creating music before that. The band members never went to music schools, they are self-educated musicians. Their repertoire includes traditional Roma music, popular hits and even some jazz music. Their performances also include traditional and improvisational dance. Besides their regular national performances they introduced themselves at numerous occasions in Istanbul, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Berlin.

M&M: Aladár Mata (keyboard, vocal percussion), Alexa Mata (cajón, singer), Hajnalka Mata (singer), Szandra Musa (singer), Krisztián Musa (guitar, singer, vocal percussion)


Péter Zoltán Ónodi   –   Ensemble

was born and grew up in Miskolc, Hungary where is lives today. As he says, he was born to a traditional Romungro musician family and learned to play violin and guitar. His first acting experience goes back to 2003, which brought him to the acting school in Miskolc. After graduating in 2006, he moved to Budapest, where he performs at the Budapest Independent Theater (2013: Peer Gynt. Peer Gynt’s Children directed by Rodrigo Balogh, 2009: Story of the red flower directed by Geza Toth, 2009: The Show must go on directed by Oszkar Nyari, 2008: Every mouse like cheese directed by Oszkar Nyari), took part in dance projects (2007: Federico G. Lorca: Flamenco dance project directed by Andrea Lippai). He also acted in two movies (2015: 13 Hours by Michael Bay, 2013: Spy by Paul Feig) and in several commercials from ARC Art-creative and PR LTD.

Veronika_qVeronika Patočková   –   RomaTrial, dramaturgy and production

Freelance interpreter, translator and project manager, born and raised in the Czech republic. During her studies at the Charles University Prague and the Humboldt-University Berlin she was working e.g. for Wolf Theiss and the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague. After graduating she moved to Berlin where she has been working for Romano Voďi as a journalist correspondent for Germany and as an online editor of multicult radio + medienproduktionen gUG.
Furthermore, she is treasurer of RomaTrial e.V., a transcultural self-organisation and interactive platform which aims at creating an awareness and understanding of antiziganism.

Barna_qBarna Petrányi   –   Pro Progressione, project development and production

Born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Completed his MA on finance and risk management with cultural finances as side-qualification at the Corvinus University in 2012 and is currently PhD student at VMSU in Bratislava in cultural management on the topic of international programs and collaborations.
Earlier he worked inter alia as controlling director at the Sziget Festival and as company manager at Cie Pál frenák. Since 2008 he is founder and director of Pro Progressione, an agency for cultural management, as well as founder and project manager at Utca-Szak (SpecStreet Theatre).

NinoNihad Nino Pušija   –   fotofabrika, concept and documentation

Born in Sarajevo, living and working in Berlin since the 1990s. As a photographer, he views himself as a traveller between cultures and continents. For now around 20 years he has been documenting the situation of Roma from former Yugoslavia – their life as unwelcome refugees all around Europe, their often forced return “home” and their on-going struggle against poverty and discrimination. For The Journey/Drom, Nino is developing a printed graphic novel.

m_qMargarethe Schneider   –   production assistant

Born and raised in Dresden, Germany. After living in Cairo for one year, she is currently studying International Relations and Management in Regensburg. In the course of her studies she will spend one semester in La Paz, Bolivia, and was again working in Egypt in the field of social entrepreneurship, before she joined The Journey/Drom as production assistant.


Nikolaus Schneider   –   Per Aspera, Management and production

Born and raised in Dresden. After his acting studies in Berlin he went to Paris, where he worked in various productions with Company Cie G. Morin.
He joined forces with Per Aspera Productions in 2010, and as its manager has been an integral part in creating and producing with the company since then.
In cooperation with i.a. Theatre Entropia, Dhalaristan or the Lis:sanga Dance Company he was part of  performance art and interactive theatre in the whole of Europe and the Middle East. The music theater Exposure Berlin was his directoral debut. Currently he is manager of ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, a new institution for arts and culture in Berlin set in an old silent film theater from the 1920’s.

Brina SBrinatinehelfer   –   Per Aspera, concept and artistic direction, Ensemble

Theater maker, performer and producer born and raised in New York City. There she worked with companies such as the Wooster Group and Nature Theater of Oklahoma before moving to Berlin in 2008. In Berlin she founded Per Aspera e.V., an artistic and production company which works with a social conscience, an exploration of new forms, an interest in human interaction, a focus on international and intercultural collaboration, and a blatant disregard for the ordinary. Through Per Aspera she has realised more that 30 original productions in Berlin and abroad. The works are very diverse, ranging from solo performance art in galleries to site-specific operas, internet based theater to open stages with refugees, large scale EU funded international cooperations and much more in between. Since 2013, she is also the artistic director of ehemaliges Stummfilmkino Delphi, a new institution for arts and culture in Berlin set in an old silent film theater from the 1920’s. Here she programs other artists works, curates festivals, and produces her own projects.

Milan Vračar   –   Kulturanova, concept and production

Graduated on the theme of international theatre festivals after studying management in culture and media. He is an independent cultural producer and a president of Association Kulturanova. He was involved in many international projects and is also collaborating on many important events in Novi Sad and Serbia (International festival of Street Musicians IFUS, Festival Days of Brazil – Novi Sad Samba Carnival, EXIT festival, Sterijino pozorje, INFANT, etc.) He was also producing and coordinating many innovative art initiatives and was participating on international conferences, workshops, summer schools (most important is Amsterdam Maastricht Summer University) and residencies (most important are Felix Meritis residency in Mains dOuvres, Paris, France in 2004. and CEC Artslink residency in New York, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco in 2009). He held several lectures about his work on different Universities in Europe and  was working as a marketing manager in the Cultural centre of Novi Sad.