Berlin, November 2016

THE JOURNEY/ DROM finally opened in Berlin! All performances had a full house and received a great response from audiences and critics alike.

Some resonance from the shows:

“…very intelligent approach to representing minorities and stereotypes on stage…” more “Berlin, November 2016”

Berlin, October 2016

The Journey/DROM team is back to Berlin: intense rehearsing, last script changes, presentation for our sponsor, the Szenenwechsel program, and last but not least working on short commercial spots for the show… We are eager for showing the play, created by the whole team, to the first audience on the 27th of October! The tickets are available under and! more “Berlin, October 2016”

Berlin, September 2016

We are gearing up for the final rehearsals and premiere in Berlin! Last developments are being made to the script and we are meeting with designers to make the last steps for the piece to come alive! Also Tickets for the Premiere and further Berlin performances are on sale now! And we are happy to announce our first tour date, April 12 2017 we will be performing at the Budapest Spring Festival!

more “Berlin, September 2016”

Novi Sad, June 2016

First of all, we welcome Mihaela Dragan, who is going to be a very important part of our performance – representing the perspective of Roma women in our project.

Then we start with looking back at our work-in-progress in April. What do we want to keep, what do we want to change, what needs to be developed further? more “Novi Sad, June 2016”

Berlin, April 2016

Ideas become more and more clear, a concept develops and first scenes are created. Old thoughts are dismissed or serve as reference for new ideas. In cooperation with Maxim-Gorki Theatre’s Studio я, we are preparing a first work-in-progress performance on the 8th of April, the International Roma Day. more “Berlin, April 2016”

Budapest, January 2016

Our Journey begins in Budapest, where we have the first residency towards the development of the project. Most of the time was spent getting to know each other – on and off the stage. We had many days of discussion about the background and intent of the project in general. What do we want to say? How do we want to say it? What are the aims of the project? What do we want the audience to know, think, feel? A first sketch was made of what will become The Journey/DROM.

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